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RespirActin Liquid from RespirActin
Delicious tasting RespirActin herbal tonic opens the airways.
Effective for children and adults, this product is unique:  it's made from a treasured formula that's over 100 years old and it goes to work immediately to help relieve
RespirTea from RespirActin
RespirTea® is a special herbal formulation which adds soothing moisture and health supporting botanicals to the throat, sinus, and respiratory system.
Bronchitis Tea from Bell
A well-proven combination of 12 traditional herbs for therapeutic help in support of treating and strengthening the respiratory system and passages.  Prevents, deals and treats the scars and damage in the bronchial system that has been caused by infections and other respiratory problems.  Smokers greatly benefit from this formula.
~ No Side Effects.
~ All Natural Ingredients.
~ Assists and loosens up the congested tracts caused by infection.
~ Drains the heavy yellowish build-up caused by infection.
30 Teabags  ~  $8.95
Soothing relief from:
  ~ Sore throats, sinus & nasal congestion
  ~ No ephedra or caffeine
RespirTea® is especially comforting when suffering with cough & cold symptoms. It is ideal for scratchy, dry, irritated throats due to colds, smoke, and other pollutants.  This gentle, tasty, liquid brew moistens and soothes the throat and vocal tract, while delivering nature's finest herbal support throughout the body.  RespirTea® works synergistically with RespirActin®, providing gentle complementary herbal support.  It is packed in convenient freshness wraps, 16 per package.  Each tea bag may be used twice.  RespirTea® contains no ephedra or caffeine.
16 Teabags  ~  $6.50
symptoms and bring the respiratory system back into balance.

RespirActin contains a synergistic blend of premium grade herbs valued for their
high level of bioactivity and gentleness.  It can be used on a daily basis.
  ~ For your safety, RespirActin contains no alcohol or ephedra.
  ~ Money Back Guarantee.
  ~ Award Winning Products.
In the Middle East, herbal blends have long
been a primary treatment for asthma and
allergies.  A traditional liquid herbal blend
that is now available in North America as
RespirActin, it contains compounds that
are effective antioxidants, anti-bronchitis,
anti-allergenics and antihistamines.
32oz Liquid  ~  $45.50
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